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Kennedy, Daniel
Nov 10 6:23 PM CST
Post #95
Liked the TC.
Hohlen, John
Sep 06 12:49 AM CDT
Post #94
Let me know if you guys liked playing the TOUR Championship this past season. Please respond by posting a msg here stating whether you liked or disliked it. Only votes posted on this message board will be counted. I will include or exclude the tournament next year based on what the simple majority responds. Thanks for playing again this year and see you in early 2022!
Myers, Bob
Apr 15 2:53 PM CDT
Post #93
Kudos to Webb today for his Covid awareness, by keeping all his approach shots at least 6 feet from any green!!
Hohlen, John
Feb 05 3:42 PM CST
Post #92
Hi Bryan. I haven't really changed much in the way ads wordk. Are you on a PC or mobile device? Unfortunately, ads are what help pay the bills and allow me to devote more money to the prize pool. It's sort of the way of the Internet. What is more invasive than in the past? Maybe Google has made some changes. I'm usually on a PC and may not be experiencing the same thing you are. You're the first one to bring this up. Thanks! John
Carroll, Bryan
Feb 05 3:12 PM CST
Post #91
The ads are killing me.... I don’t remember them being so invasive in years past.
Robertson, Colin
Feb 02 1:01 PM CST
Post #90
60 players picked Matsuyama this week and he WD's prior to Round 2 :0(
Hohlen, John
Jan 02 5:10 PM CST
Post #89
Shortcuts to other public leagues for those playing in multiple leagues.
Derks, Rick
Jan 02 4:55 PM CST
Post #88
What are leagues used for?
Picariello, Vincent
May 21 6:55 PM CDT
Post #87
John, Osthuizen finished in 18th place -5 but he shows $0 earnings, Is this a mistake or was he disqualified? Vinnie
Jones, Glyn
Jan 05 2:59 PM CST
Post #86
Was going with Zac Johnson but see he's changed his club manafacturer
Hohlen, John
Nov 30 9:00 PM CST
Post #85
Hey Richard. So sorry to hear about Maxie's passing. We must dedicate the upcoming 2016 season to her. Glad to have you back playing PTFG in her honor.
Storr, Richard
Nov 30 11:48 AM CST
Post #84
John, The life of a Jack Russell is 14 to 16 yrs. Maxie was 15 yrs. old when she died.
Storr, Richard
Nov 30 11:41 AM CST
Post #83
John, Maxie went to heaven but using her name again will help thinking about her.
Marlow, Douglas
Mar 26 2:01 AM CDT
Post #82
Of course not John, it's home to me
Hohlen, John
Mar 14 7:33 PM CDT
Post #81
Hi Doug. Glad to hear you're enjoying the other formats. My favorite format is the Pick 3 Classic (weekend sub) just because of the additional strategy involved with choosing a sub for single earnings and the fact that you always have someone in the hunt going into the weekend. But everyone has their own reasons for what they like the best. I think all 3 formats are fun and can't be found elsewhere on the web. One & Done does exist elsewhere, but not as good as the PTFG version!